My name is Mike Herceg, and I am a designer, developer, and generally creative person. I love solving problems and puzzles, with my skills, and am quick to learn new skills when the project requires it. I have been working as a professional creative for over 4 years.


My interest in graphic design started before I knew what graphic design was. Sketching skateboard logos in high school, helped me get through class the day. All my electives were creative activities, wood shop, ceramics, digital art, ect. From there I took my passion to create, to Temple’s Tyler School of Art. After school I found myself designing for a software company’s marketing team, while creating logos, illustrations, and full brand identities on the side.


My development career started while in college during a basic, HTML/CSS class. From there, I was taking my web designs, and turning them into web pages. Over the years I have learned a large variety of web development skills, specializing in custom WordPress themes.

More than business

I try to follow the “work hard, play hard” motto. As hard as I work I like to have just as much fun. My idea of fun is video games, movies, motorcycles, jeeps, snowboarding and hanging out at my mountain house.


Intrigued? Let’s connect. Download my resume to learn a bit more about me professionally. If you like what you see, shoot me an email or fill out the form on my contact page. Don’t have a professional opportunity for me quite yet? Follow my social media accounts to keep me in mind.